V2E Valorisation Energies Environnement

Managing the present, protecting the future

Valorization Energies Environment

Manage - Optimize - Protect


Valorization Energy Environment

Public and private markets

V2E Valorisation Energies Environnement is a service & consulting company founded in 2002. It operates in the fields of energy and the sustainable performance of industrial installations.

Control of technological risks and optimization of yields: V2E intervenes in a transversal way on subjects of energy savings, waste recovery and securing of industrial installations.

Whether in the design, construction, debottlenecking, operation monitoring, audit of facilities and procedures, V2E's commitment makes it possible, among other things:

  • To identify risks and ways of improvement;
  • To optimize and secure investments by ensuring the reliability and full performance of the systems.

Our mission, our key focus

Technological efficiency, economic performance, long-term reliability, safety

Qualify performance and reliability of the facility

Define action plans and prioritize future investments

Consolidate technological choices, methods and procedures

Identify ways of optimization and valorization



Reliability - Traceability - Security


Operation - Yield - Lifespan


Means - People - Environment

Experience & Pragmatism

Ensuring safer progress

V2E Valorisation Energies Environnement has been active in the fields of Energy and Transformation Industry for more than 20 years. It intervenes from feasibility studies to development, design or operating phases.

The company counts among its customers contractors from the public and private sectors in France and abroad. Its experts have notably intervened on behalf of major accounts in France, the USA, India, Japan, South Korea, the Middle East, Latin America, etc.

Ensuring Safer Progress:

  • Assess;
  • Anticipate;
  • To optimise;
  • Guarantee sustainable performance in a process of continuous improvement.


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