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Audit - Consulting - Innovation

Securing the existing & optimizing investment

Eco-responsibility & circular economy

Turn constraints into opportunities

All industrial facilities, recent or aging, face the challenge of limiting environmental impacts, preserving ecosystems and natural resources in the long term. This commitment has become a strategic objective for all. As such, regulations throughout the world are established in view of reducing the environmental impact of an industrial activity and constantly improving management to guarantee the protection of the environment and people against incidents.

The perspective of sustainable development is to respond to more global and integrated challenges.

Clean production techniques or methods often involve the optimization of equipment, or the implementation of a specific installation. Industrial ecology, on the other hand, aims for optimization on the scale of groups of companies, industries, regions, and even the industrial system as a whole. For example, industrial ecology aims to valorize the waste of a sector as a resource for this same sector, or for another sector, in order to keep only the ultimate waste and in minimal quantity.


V2E supports continuous improvement initiatives to reduce energy consumption, improve effluent treatment and optimize waste recycling (metal waste, organic waste, household waste incineration bottom ash, etc.). All flows, processing and analyzes are compiled; this basic information is essential to guarantee the traceability and control of an installation over time. The Annual Operating Report brings together all of this information and all the highlights relating to operations; it is one of the essential foundations for building the relationship of trust required in the operation of a responsible industrial plant. In addition, the Quality Assurance Plan describes the procedures and controls put in place to guarantee both the compliance and the safety of the installation in the common interest of the works-owner, the operators, the neighbourhood, the funders and the insurers.

Reducing the ecological footprint & recovering waste as part of the circular economy.


•Energy recovery •Reduction of consumption •Advising urban heating network •Advising operation of waste treatment plant with energy recovery


•Technical assistance for the treatment and recovery of waste •Advise for technical and administrative files of new facility •Support for Quality Assurance Plan

Reliability & Sustainable Performance

Securing facilities and protecting industrial heritage

An industrial site represents an asset whose intrinsic value is measured, in addition to its financial results, based on its health condition, its reliability and its capacity to produce in a changing environment and in compliance with the applicable rules.

Controlling equipment reliability has become a strategic objective for all industrial sites.

As such, regulations are established with a view to constantly improving risk management to guarantee the protection of the environment and citizens against industrial accidents. Companies must therefore guarantee the safety and reliability of equipment through appropriate design, monitoring methods and procedures adapted to the conditions and challenges.


As a consulting company, V2E supports production plants in their continuous improvement process. Our teams develop high value-added solutions to improve the performance and reliability of equipment and machinery. We intervene within the framework of audits, technical assistance services or expert advice to define the best strategies to optimize the reliability of installations.

V2E accompanies its clients from the feasibility study of a project to the support of the Operational Excellence approach or the extension of the equipment life cycle.

Audit & Diagnosis of facilities

Continuous improvement approach and prioritized action plan

Expertise following a failure or incident

Monitoring plan and definition of suitable technologies

Qualify the existing to secure the operation, assess the potentialities & opportunities for future development.

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