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Managing technological, economic & environmental challenges

Energy, Process, Recovery

Management & appropriate follow-ups

In the global context of energy transition, the industrial landscape is changing with the deployment of many technologies and regulations in the field of Energies, Renewable and Recovery Energies. The multiplication of installations is accompanied by a diversification of the associated technological solutions. Whatever the type and size of the installation concerned, appropriate monitoring and controls are necessary to manage the entire processing chain and thus avoid incidents that can have consequences on the reputation of an entire sector.

As such, V2E ensures that all flows, processing and analyzes are compiled, interpreted and reported in accordance with regulatory technical requirements and best practices; this basic information is essential to guarantee the traceability and proper operation of an installation over time.









Our commitment, our goals

Technological efficiency, economic performance, long-term reliability, safety

Competitive market

Achieving ever higher yields

Safety & Environment

Control risk and guarantee traceability

Business strategy

Develop profitable and sustainable solutions

Skills & Interventions

Expertise & pragmatism

The experience and multidisciplinary skills of the V2E experts make it possible to intervene in a global way on the subjects to optimize the performance of your production and the safety of operations.

The areas of intervention are:

  • process technology;
  • energy;
  • waste recovery;
  • equipment;
  • mechanics;
  • materials and corrosion.

Technical and regulatory compliance

Reliability of facilities

Quality and integrity assurance plans

Economic profitability and waste recovery

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