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The evolution of operating conditions and applicable regulations require the implementation of new technologies to support the evolution of industrial markets in a perspective of sustainable development.

V2E is committed to developing and promoting innovative solutions in the areas of energy savings, environmental protection and facility performance.

Installations are operated in a view of increasing profit linked to the intrinsic potential of the installation; in part, the optimal performance of the site is targeted by acting on production capacity and operating flexibility. However, in most cases, the objectives and constraints are such that the optimization of operations is no longer sufficient to meet these new requirements. Consequently, innovations have become essential to push the limits of operation, to treat in ever more difficult conditions while respecting the applicable standards.

The modernization of the facilities therefore requires access to innovation in terms of energy savings, instrumentation, treatment systems, or recycling solutions.

V2E is committed to supporting its customers and pushing back the boundary limits of installations by proposing continuous improvements and the implementation of breakthrough technologies. To be ever more flexible, more reliable, more profitable and more ecological, decision-makers must be able to evaluate and implement innovations to extend the capacity and operate in an ever more efficient context.









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